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Going Green doesn't mean sacrificing style or comfort.


It’s a device that regulates your home’s temperature according to settings you create for certain times of the day. The bonus of installing a programmable thermostat is that it’s friendly to your wallet; with it, you’ll save on heating and cooling costs.


Photovoltaic devices and materials, which can convert sunlight into electricity, are becoming increasingly available for residential use. Solar power can be harnessed to create electricity for your home, to heat water and to improve indoor lighting. 


Buying eco-friendly products can be tricky. Generally, you want be on th elookout for products made frolm natural, renewable materials and products with recycled content. An example of this is recycled glass tile.


Sustainable landscape design for residential properties includes environmentally-friendly materials, plants that benefit the local ecology and a design with a renewable lifestyle in mind. Natural rocks and stones are perfect additions to sustainable landscaping. Choosing a variety of plants is also part of sustainable landscaping.

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    Photo Shoot and Drone Video in North Truro

    It was a crisp early winter morning when we met up with our photographer at our new listing in North Truro.  She surprised us with her new toy: a drone for photos and videos.  This listing will be coming on to MLS in a few months but it's still available for showings.  Check out the video of the outside of the house and its surroundings here:

    You can see this listing information and photos here:

    Property Of The Week: Fantastic New Listing in Provincetown

    Nestled at the foot of Telegraph Hill, in the heart of the West End, is this hidden gem of a cottage. Everything about this beautiful building is carefully planned and thought-out. Wonderfully crafted built-ins make for a perfect use of space and are ship-like in their detail. There are two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. A recent addition greatly expanded the living/dining area, as well as providing a full basement underneath, which houses the mechanicals. The second floor deck gives you a wonderful view of the bay and Long Point lighthouse, and just across the street is a boat launch and bay beach.  See the full listing here.


    Tucked Away West End Gem

    Rare Private Swimming Pool

    Provincetown Harbor Views

    Gorgeous Interior

    Summer Heat Adds Sizzle to Outer Cape Real Estate

    Yes, I know, that title is a bit cheezy but it is true. We are now in the post- Fourth of July high season on the Outer Cape and the three towns we call home are buzzing with activity. From warm days at the beach and cookouts in the back yard, to art walks, lectures and plays, to trying out new shops and restaurants, visitors and residents alike are enjoying the most animated time of the year.

    Amidst all this activity, of course, the beautiful scenery and light of the Outer Cape, inspire as much as, if not more than, ever. Even in the summer rush, there is always that glimpse of Ptown from Route 6 at Highhead or that sun-drenched pond in Wellfleet or the dunes at Longnook in Truro, which catch you and remind you of the unique beauty of our three harbors and the towns around them.

    Some of that inspiration, which has fired the minds of visitors for decades, is manifested in the many mid-century modern homes and cottages built in parts of Truro and Wellfleet. A recent article in The Guardian describes several of the houses, which were built by some of the most respected architects of the post World War II era. A few are available for rent by visitors and are managed by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust.

    Finally, please join 3Harbors at a "flash" Open House on July 8 from 3 - 5 pm at 33 Fisherman's Road in Truro. This is a bright and airy beach house, which is just a four minute walk from a private association beach on the bay side. It's a perfect spot for your own summer inspiration!