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Provincetown A Late Season Getaway

Instint Magazine just posted a great article about what a terrific place Provincetown is to visit - even in the fall.  See the article here and then book your Ptown rental with our rental agent, Scott Powell.

The 2011 Truro Agricultural Fair

This year's fair was better than ever! All of us at 3Harbors had a terrific time. We saw old fiends and made new ones, saw the animals and veggies, saw cool art and ate wonderful food (deep fried lobster tail on a stick, anyone?).  Click here to see our slide show (and pie eating video).


Truro's Agricultural Fair -

"Celebrate agriculture, aquaculture, fishing and farming on Cape Cod"

This is the tag line for the fair and it's an apt one. Folks on the Outer Cape are becoming more and more interested in farming and eating local.  Walk up to the Blackfish restaurant and see how the menu is geared toward eating foods grown right here in town. Visit Mac's Seafood and see how they are pushing the local catch. And drive around the Outer Cape and see all the road side farm stands.  Below are a few - we're sure there are more, so please send them our way to add to this blog.

For more info on the fair visit and to see a sampling of the fun at last year's fair see the slide show we did here. Like our aggies say, "Till, Baby Till"


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      Wall Street Journal Says "Now's The Time To Buy That Vacation Home."

      As the Wall Street Journal writes about second homes, "If you have the money and you plan on staying put for the long term, now may be a good time to buy." Although the article doesn't mention homes for sale in Truro, Wellfleet or Provincetown specifically, it stresses that "blue chip" locales have stabilized and there are some very good deals to be had. 3Harbors has already seen a steady ramp up in the Provincetown real estate market and activity in the Truro real estate market has been picking up while Wellfleet real estate has continued to be quite steady.

      See the article here.


      Here's Why Real Estate Experience Matters

      We recently sold a Wellfleet home that was for sale to a growing family. They then needed to sell their existing Wellfleet real estate. The house was located in the Wellfleet Woods area, on the ocean side of town. The owners orginally bought the house during the high point of the market in 2005 for $615,000 and were expecting to "take a wash" (their words) in today's challenging market. With prices off by at least twenty to twenty five percent they may have been right. However, we visited the home and saw that the house could be reclassified as a three bedroom home rather than its existing status as a two bedroom. We did some research and found out that the septic system in the groundwas large enough to officially handle three bedrooms - as long as we moved the driveway so that it did not endanger the system. We coordinated the necessary work and town approvals and were ready to list the house as a three bedroom Wellfleet home for $599,000. Two weeks later the house was under contract and then sold for $565,000.

      Stephen and Suzanne Farrell, the sellers of the Wellfleet home wrote about their experience in selling Wellfleet real estate with 3Harbors:

      "3Harbors worked tirelessly to unlock the value of our home and prove that value to potential buyers. From negotiating with the town, to bringing in contractors 3Harbors proved they knew how to get the job done every step of the way."

      Truro Real Estate Deal of the Week

      When you have worked in Truro real estate as long as we have you know when you see one of the best deals. The house sits on almost four acres and boasting nine bedrooms, seven and a half baths, an indoor swimming pool, a fresh water pond, and a barn. This Truro property would certainly cost far more than what we're asking if it were to be replaced. It has been lovingly cared for and in tip top shape. A great Truro rental, a horse farm (its present use), a Cape Cod corporate retreat, or simply a grand Truro home. $1,999,000. Additional land is available. Owner financing is available.

      Truro's Poor's Hill Dedication

      About two years ago, the Town of Truro met at Town Meeting and voted to spend $2 million dollars to preserve a prominent piece of property known as Poor's Hill. This glacial dome sits proudly near the mouth of the Pamet River. Fearing its development, the Truro Conservation Trust, the Truro Open Space Committee and the Poor family worked together to ensure that the proeprty would be preserved forever. Brenda Boelyn was instrumental in this effort and her work was celebrated at the dedication event.




      Cool New Listing In South Truro

      Sometimes we get excited about a new listing in the real estate business and this is one of those times. This architect designed Truro home has impressive views and a dramatic living room. See more information about this house in the hills of Truro by visiting the 3Harbors listings page. The listing number is 21104903.