Blog :: 2011

Truro Real Estate Market Snapshot

Unlike its neighbors to the North and South, Truro's real estate market activity stumbled a bit this yer.  Overall, there were 11 Truro houses and five Truro condos that sold to date this year.  This compares to 18 Truro houses and five Truro condos selling during the same period last year.  However, there are already five Truro houses and five Truro condos under contract as of this date.  Truro vacation rentals - at least here at 3Harbors - are through the roof (we just had to hire another agent to handle the load).  Also, sales activity is very strong now that the weather has turned. There are some great Truro real estate listings out there, rates are low and prices are much more affordable.

Wellfleet Real Estate Market Snapshot

The Wellfleet real estate market for the first part of this year has been relatively strong. To date, there have been 22 Wellfleet homes sold and five Wellfleet condos. This compares favorably with a total of 17 Wellfleet homes selling for the same period lat year and nine Wellfleet condos. Additionally, there are a total of six Wellfleet houses under agreement as of this date and five Wellfleet condos. Wellfleet vacation rentals have also been strong and market activity in Wellfleet real estate is solid.

Provincetown Real Estate Market Snapshot

The Provincetown real estate market continues to improve. Provincetown real estate prices have firmed up and sales continue to increase. To date there have been 12 Provincetown single family home sales and 45 Provincetown condos. This compares to 11 Provincetown house sales for the same period last year and 41 Provincetown condos. There is a lot of activity in Provincetown's real estate market at the moment - 11 Provincetown houses are presently under agreement as well as 13 Provincetown condos.  Provincetown vacation rentals have been particularly strong. Indeed, our office has only just experienced a slow down in Provincetown rentals due to the fact that almost all of our Provincetown properties are fully booked.