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Summer Heat Adds Sizzle to Outer Cape Real Estate

Yes, I know, that title is a bit cheezy but it is true. We are now in the post- Fourth of July high season on the Outer Cape and the three towns we call home are buzzing with activity. From warm days at the beach and cookouts in the back yard, to art walks, lectures and plays, to trying out new shops and restaurants, visitors and residents alike are enjoying the most animated time of the year.

Amidst all this activity, of course, the beautiful scenery and light of the Outer Cape, inspire as much as, if not more than, ever. Even in the summer rush, there is always that glimpse of Ptown from Route 6 at Highhead or that sun-drenched pond in Wellfleet or the dunes at Longnook in Truro, which catch you and remind you of the unique beauty of our three harbors and the towns around them.

Some of that inspiration, which has fired the minds of visitors for decades, is manifested in the many mid-century modern homes and cottages built in parts of Truro and Wellfleet. A recent article in The Guardian describes several of the houses, which were built by some of the most respected architects of the post World War II era. A few are available for rent by visitors and are managed by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust.

Finally, please join 3Harbors at a "flash" Open House on July 8 from 3 - 5 pm at 33 Fisherman's Road in Truro. This is a bright and airy beach house, which is just a four minute walk from a private association beach on the bay side. It's a perfect spot for your own summer inspiration!

Spring Has Sprung Finally on the Outer Cape

One of the sure signs of spring on the Outer Cape is town meeting. The three Outer Cape towns, Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet (each of which has one of the harbors from which make up the 3 Harbors name) retain the traditional New England form of town meeting, where residents vote directly on articles covering town budgets, zoning regulations and planning policies. Provincetown usually goes first and town meetings there tend to be spirited multi-evening affairs where passions can run high. Truro and Wellfleet meetings, which can also be enlived by spirited debate, usually only last one night. 

The Truro meeting this year featured an article to replace the existing by-law, which restricts occupancy of most condominiums to nine months of the year, with a by-law allowing condo associations to apply for year-round occupancy permits. Proponents of the change argued that allowing year-round occupancy would increase housing options for those looking to buy and live in something more affordable than a single family house.  Opponents worried about potentially greater demand for Town services and more intense use of our fragile water system. The proposed by-law was defeated so, as before, most Truro condos have to be closed for the winter. 

Another sure sign of Spring is that the boards have come off the windows of cottages, houses and business all over town. Provincetown, especially, is full of the sound of nail guns and construction crews completing Springtime renovations and repairs after the ravages of winter. Additionally, phones are ringing in real estate offices all over the Outer Cape as the better weather is bringing out a rush of buyers who want to see properties that just a few weeks ago were still covered in snow!

Some of our newer listings at 3 Harbors which are getting quite a bit of attention include:


 7 Erlinda


and 1 Nelson


60 Old Bay Road


34 Commercial Street 

Come on out and see these before they get snapped up!  Both the weather and the real estate market are definitely heating up!  Here's to an excellent spring time and an even more pheonomenal summer!!!


Happy Holidays from 3Harbors!

What a good year 2014 turned out to be for 3Harbors-- a bighearted thanks to all our clients and friends for making it all possible.  3Harbors ends 2014 as the # 1 selling office in Truro, a ranking we maintained from the previous year.  Co-founder Nick Norman was the #1 listing agent in Truro, while Gregg Russo, who is based in our Provincetown office, is the #5 listing agent in both Truro and Provincetown.  And speaking of Provincetown, our new office there has been open barely a year and is already the #6 office for sales in Provincetown.  Looking ahead to 2015, we anticipate another great year as we are starting the New Year with more listings than ever!  We hope you'll decide to work with us if you are thinking of real estate on the Outer Cape as, in addition to all the good success this year, 3Harbors brings to the table unmatched experience, vast local knowledge and deep community roots.

As year-end approaches, 3Harbors bids the fondest farewell to our other co-founder, Anne Daignault.  Anne has decided to retire after several long and successful careers which have ranged from teaching to personnel to corporate placement to, of course, real estate.  We will miss Anne's warmth, intelligence and humor around the office but know that her friendship and know-how are never more than a phone call away.  Please join us in wishing Anne a wonderful next chapter!

Speaking of next chapters, John Guerra, who joined 3Harbors last year, becomes a full-fledged member of our team in the New Year.  As a former diplomat and small business owner, John brings great people and entrepreneurial skills with him to his own latest career in real estate.  Rounding out our 3 Harbors' talent, Jim Chudomel remains expertly at the helm of our presence in Wellfleet, while Rebecca Townsend and Alan Wagg bring unparalleld dedication and knowledge to the rental side of the business.

Thanks for your interest in 3Harbors.  We look forward very much to working hard in bringing your real estate dreams to fruition here on the Outer Cape in 2015 and beyond.  A very merry holiday season and a wonderful New Year to you from all of us at 3Harbors!

Now This Is A True Get-Away!

At 3Harbors we love all of our listings but sometimes we play favorites and all of us have a crush on this new listing on Lieutenant's Island in Wellfleet.


Once you drive over the bridge you've practically arrived and once you are inside you are a world away.  All of us remarked at how you really can't see any other houses and the view immediately makes you forget the world's pressures.  If ever a house could lower your blood pressure, this is it! Here's the view that greets you:


Designed by renowned architect, Paul Kruger, the house features a wonderful master suite that boasts a lovely view, an office area, gorgeous master bathroom and a large vaulted bedroom.  It provides loads of privacy from the guest room wing and living areas.


The living room is a real treat too.


The kitchen and dining areas are open and perfect for informal entertaining.

21307610_6 21307610_7 21307610_8

Here's the screened in porch where you'll spend the afternoon once you've left the beach:

21307610_9 21307610_28


Check out the full details for the listing here on our website.


Wall Street Journal Says "Now's The Time To Buy That Vacation Home."

As the Wall Street Journal writes about second homes, "If you have the money and you plan on staying put for the long term, now may be a good time to buy." Although the article doesn't mention homes for sale in Truro, Wellfleet or Provincetown specifically, it stresses that "blue chip" locales have stabilized and there are some very good deals to be had. 3Harbors has already seen a steady ramp up in the Provincetown real estate market and activity in the Truro real estate market has been picking up while Wellfleet real estate has continued to be quite steady.

See the article here.


Here's Why Real Estate Experience Matters

We recently sold a Wellfleet home that was for sale to a growing family. They then needed to sell their existing Wellfleet real estate. The house was located in the Wellfleet Woods area, on the ocean side of town. The owners orginally bought the house during the high point of the market in 2005 for $615,000 and were expecting to "take a wash" (their words) in today's challenging market. With prices off by at least twenty to twenty five percent they may have been right. However, we visited the home and saw that the house could be reclassified as a three bedroom home rather than its existing status as a two bedroom. We did some research and found out that the septic system in the groundwas large enough to officially handle three bedrooms - as long as we moved the driveway so that it did not endanger the system. We coordinated the necessary work and town approvals and were ready to list the house as a three bedroom Wellfleet home for $599,000. Two weeks later the house was under contract and then sold for $565,000.

Stephen and Suzanne Farrell, the sellers of the Wellfleet home wrote about their experience in selling Wellfleet real estate with 3Harbors:

"3Harbors worked tirelessly to unlock the value of our home and prove that value to potential buyers. From negotiating with the town, to bringing in contractors 3Harbors proved they knew how to get the job done every step of the way."