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Sometimes you have to leave it to the professionals.

In real estate we always tell folks that they need a professional to do the job of selling a house.  Of course, we're talking about ourselves!  But it's true, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of the real estate trade to get the job done.  Perhaps more importantly, you need someone who is not as emotionally tied to a property in order to sell it.  Even when an agent is selling their own home we advise on getting another agent to do the showings.  Buyers, after all, want to feel like the home is theirs and not guests when they enter.

So, we at 3Harbors Realty make it our practice to leave some things to professionals too.  Take photography.  Yes, we know some tricks to the trade and can take some pretty good photos but we usually turn to a professional to do the job.  Our go to photographer, Matt Porter of Emerald Eye Photography does an outstanding job.  Take a look at some of the photos he recently did for us for our listing at 4 Scrimshaw Street in Truro:





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