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Some Ideas for When You Aren't at the Beach

Some Good Eats on The Outer Cape by John F. Guerra, 3Harbors Truro


I've been a full-time Truro resident since 2000 and am a veteran of the restaurant business in Provincetown. I thought you might enjoy some great food-related suggestions for what to do when you're not at the beach. Truro Vineyards has a lovely tasting room for wines made on site from their own grapes, as well as fruit grown on Long Island and California. The rosé is especially good on a warm summer evening. You can also get some delicious nibbles from the Blackfish food truck at the Vineyard and have a picnic with your just-purchased bottle of wine! Truro has a wonderful new Farmer's Market every Wednesday morning in Veteran's Park just across Truro Center Road from the 3Harbor's office. Look no further than Savory and the Sweet Season for a huge selection of ice cream and delicious pizzas.

I love to bike to Wellfleet along Old County Road. Take a pack with you so you can bring back great produce or seafood from Hatch's in the town parking lot. Stop at the bustling Wellfleet Market for other provisions. Mac's Shack is deservedly popular (superb oysters and sushi), as are Winslow's Tavern (sit on the terrace or upstairs at the atmospheric bar room and take in some great food and live music on weekends) and The Wicked Oyster (which does a great breakfast too).

Back on Route 6, you can fuel up at Sunbird, near central Wellfleet. They do delicious sandwiches and salads, all made with locally-sourced organic ingredients. Jamie Sparrow, Sunbird's delightful owner, honed her craft in some of San Francisco's best restaurants. If you're heading south (toward the rest of the Cape), stop at the ever-busy PB Boulangerie for anything from a coffee and superb pastry to a full meal, served with French flair. In Eastham itself and convenient to the bike path, is Karoo Restaurant, which features very tasty South African food and wines. A final spot that is always fun is The Beachcomber on Ocean Drive in Wellfleet. It was named one of the Best Beach Bars in the U.S. by a national publication. It's truly special, with great music, beer and oysters but only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day.   Have a wonderful and tasty time!


Living on Cape Cod...A Walk in the Park by Jim Chudomel, 3Harbors Truro

My wife and I try to walk every day. Since we live close to the Bike Trail, we tend to make good use of the stretch between Wellfleet and Orleans. It is a good place to get regular exercise. In the summer lots of folks use the BT for different things. Walkers are welcome despite the fact, as I was once told by a speeding biker in spandex shorts, "...the Bike Trail is for Bikers!!" Most bikers are generally polite and will let you know when they are coming up behind you, with a "passing on the left" courtesy call. Be prepared for the out-of-the-ordinary biker who wants to speed past you without regard for your (or their) safety. It happens occasionally, especially in the summer when bikers, unfamiliar to the protocol and courtesy, will shout obscenities and give the one finger salute.

For those reasons, we have sought out different walking trails from the standard BT trip. There are several paths that run perpendicular from the Bike Trail through the Cape Cod National Seashore, with some ending out on a dune some 80 feet up, looking out over the ocean. While walking on fire trails in the CCNSS, I have seen coyote, fox (both red and gray), deer, snapping turtles (rather large in size), red hawks, snakes (many varieties), all types of amphibians, especially those wonderful spring "peepers". The dunes are such fragile places to walk, I hope you will avoid the strong urge to go down the sand dunes to get to the beach. I can assure you that going down an 80 foot sand dune has its own special risks to your physical wellbeing, not to mention never being able to get back up.

Last week I found a great website for hiking trails out at this end of Cape Cod. All I had to do was GOOGLE "walking trails on Cape Cod". The website came up as a selection. It proved to be a powerful site for identifying new trails that anyone might like to explore. Since we live in Wellfleet, we chose the trail "Bound Brook Island". The trail guide came with a very good turn-by-turn narrative to the entire 5 mile walk. It had a beach walk, a walk through the woods, amazing bay views, and walks along a simple, old country road. The site also has a GPS map you can print out and photos of where trails begin, end, and diverge. I never would have attempted this exploration without the help of the site and the directions. The site has many other trails to explore with the support of clear, easy to follow directions. My advice is to print out the directions and the photos to help you along the way. Don't forget to bring a back pack with snacks, water, and your cell phone.

Happy walking!


Some Walking and Nibbling by Nick Norman, 3Harbors Truro

Nick Norman is a big walker and there are many trails throughout the Cape for some terrific hikes. "A perennial favorite of mine is the Cranberry Bog Trail found at the end of North Pamet Road. The vistas of the ocean and out along the Pamet River valley are tremendous," (you can park on the road if you have a Truro Beach sticker or around the corner in a National Seashore lot). Another favorite walk is the Provincetown Breakwater ("plan on wearing shoes with good support: the walk is longer than you might think"). Wellfleet has a terrific walk out at Great Island too: "It's a fascinating hike through forests, dunes, marsh and sea."

"I love to cook so I don't eat out a great deal, however I really like Saki in Ptown for truly great sushi, Victor's for good food and a fun atmosphere and, of course, Blackfish up the road from our office here in Truro for imaginative seafood, (and they have central air at last!).


Fun on Two Wheels by John F. Guerra, 3Harbors Truro

There are some wonderful bike routes in Truro--not surprising given that so much of the town in the Cape Cod National Seashore. I mentioned above about riding Old County Road into Wellfleet, but Old County also runs through Truro. Starting at our office in Truro Center, for example, head left past the Post Office and up the hill on Depot Road. Take a left when Depot and Old County intersect for one of the prettiest, lesser-travelled rides in town. You can take Prince Valley or Pamet Point roads to get back to Route 6 or turn right onto Ryder Beach Road. There is ample parking there--and you don't need a beach sticker for a bicycle!

If you continue down Depot Road, you can take a left on Mill Pond for a very scenic little spin by the Pamet River, before rejoining Old County. The Pamet Harbor parking lot is at the end of Depot Road. The beach here is nice and at low tides, the tidal flats are full of interesting marine creatures.

You can also start left from our office and take a second left through the Route 6 underpass. This will lead you to either North or South Pamet Roads, with Ballston Beach at the end.   Access is much easier from South Pamet, though there are nice walking trails near the end of North Pamet Road. Collins Road, a right off South Pamet where it curves on the way to the beach, is a nice shady ride which rejoins Route 6 about 3 miles later.

If you turn right from our office, you can go up the hill on Castle Road. Follow Castle Road, making a left after Tom's Hill onto Corn Hill Road to get to Corn Hill Beach.

None of these rides is more than 10 miles, but you can combine them for a longer jaunt. These are all great alternatives to riding on Route 6 itself--an especially good idea given the summer traffic.


Good Things in Truro - Some New, Some Not So New

There're a couple of new businesses in North Truro on Highland Road: Salty Market now occupies the former Dutra's Market. The space and has been renewed and they offer a variety of excellent sandwiches, wines and small-batch production items, along with a good selection of groceries. A few doors down, past the ever-popular Village Café, you'll find Chequessett Chocolate. They feature beans-to-bars chocolate, sourced organically, roasted on-site and blended into delicious chocolate items.

Some of the fine creations from Chequessett Chocolates


At Truro Vineyards, you can visit their brand-new distillery (only the second to open in the Commonwealth since Prohibition) where they are producing a delicious spiced rum called Twenty Boat Rum, dedicated to rum-runners on the Cape during Prohibition. The spice blend for the rum, incidentally, was made at Atlantic Spice Company, just down the road from the Vineyards, and always a great place to shop for spices, kitchen items and cookbooks.

If you haven't been in a while, have dinner at Montano's Restaurant on Route 6. They feature home-made pasta in a variety of delicious preparations and a very nice selection of wines by the glass. You can also get Truro-raised chickens at Hillside Farms, along with their great selection of produce, for a great stay-at-home meal.



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