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A Taste of Life on the Outer Cape During the Winter to End All Winters

Winter was pleasant and mild-- until the last week in January when, as anyone within shovelling distance of the East Coast knows, we got three major storms in less than three weeks.  As is the norm on the Outer Cape, we also got lashed by near hurricane force winds.  With the subsequent freeze-thaw cycles, back roads have turned into luge courses, with car tires sluicing deep ruts and undercarriages scraping on concrete ice.  The drama of the first, so far biggest, storm was captured on camera where the tide swept away dunes at Ballston beach.  The beach parking lot is now prime ocean-view! 

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The snow (we've also had a few "normal" snow falls between storms) has made getting around quite difficult.  Even with diligent plowing and clearing, driveways are slippery and buildings remain buried under huge piles of the white stuff.  This has played havoc with plans for showings-- even getting close to a property can be difficult.

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Nick and John from our office in Truro learned this first had when they blithely planned to show a Truro property for another agent the Saturday after the first blizzard.  We all got there at the appointed time and driveway, lawn and walkway in front of the building were all buried under nearly three feet!  Somebody said "hey guys, why don't we try again in a few days?"  Well, over three weeks later, we're STILL unable to get to it.

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However, this is a realty blog, so we've got to tell you about this same property (we did see it before the storms).  It is a rare multi-use commercial opportunity in Truro Center at 1 Depot Road.  Until recently the property was used by Castle Hill Center for the Arts for faculty housing and studio space.  Known as Pamet Crossing, this is a multi unit property which is ripe for your imagination. A great investment opportunity, the property includes two retail/office spaces, a two bedroom apartment, a building once used as an ice cream shop and a garden center. Condo conversion is a rewarding possibility making this an excellent investment opportunity.  Here is a picture (taking NOT during the winter!) and more on the listing.

So, in between the snows, plows, checking generators, faxes from operators offering snow removal and roof clearing and general having had it up to here with the weather, there have just in the last few days been signs of change.  We're seeing more birds around and the sun (when it shines) feels much warmer than it did a few weeks ago.  Days are indeed getting longer-- even if at this writing it is a mere 14 degrees outside!

We hope you think about coming out soon for a visit.  We do get a little lonely this time of year on the Outer Cape.  But, seriously, spring is just a few weeks away, isn't it?  And we've got lots of lovely spots we'd love to show you that might just turn out to be your dream place on the Cape.  Well, assuming we can get to the front door through the snow...............