About 3Harbors Realty

3Harbors was started on July 1st 2009 by Nick Norman and Anne Hartman. The goal at the time, as it is now, was to create an organization that embraces partnership and teamwork. Traditional real estate offices are made up of independent agents working for themselves and their broker. This is the model that almost all offices follow. The idea is that the competition between the agents fosters increased activity and sales commissions. This “sharp elbows” approach works well for the brokerage but not so well for the client: the buyers and sellers that we are working for. Frankly, it doesn’t work well for the agents either because they’re not only competing with other offices but also with their office mates.

Cape Cod Beach

We all came from those environments and while we were very successful, we weren’t content. Our approach at 3Harbors Realty is entirely different. We work together as a team. Each seller or buyer is assigned to an individual agent who takes the lead but he or she is backed up by the other members of the team. We share equally in our commissions and we all work diligently to get the job done. Whether you’re a seller who benefits from a group of agents sharing their knowledge and expertise to price your Cape Cod home properly, or you’re a buyer who needs a different perspective on the house they are about to purchase, our formula works because your goals are ours. The result is that we’ve become the fastest growing real estate office on the Outer Cape.  Contact us today with questions about buying or selling a home in Cape Cod