Selling With Us

When you call 3Harbors to list your Cape Cod property, we come as a team to visit you and your home.  And it’s as a team that we discuss what makes your home special and how to promote those things and what detracts from it and how best to minimize them. We will also discuss price and your own motivation to sell, as well as the current state of the market.  The culmination of this will be the presentation of a Comparative Market Analysis (often referred to as a CMA) which will outline our pricing and marketing strategies. 



Finding a buyer for a property is only half of the job. The mark of a real estate agent’s true success is ensuring that the deal progresses as close to plan as possible and that bumps in the road are kept to a minimum. All too often a deal can fall apart because of the inattention of the real estate agent. We pride ourselves on our negotiation skills and ability to foresee and address issues before they arise and our office works as a team to ensure that a deal makes it to the closing table. For more information about listing with us, contact one of our highly specialized agents or by using the contact form on the right side of the page. We look forward to working with you! 


Cape Cod Harbor